A Good Fish Loves Farm Living

Our Farms are extraordinarily unique: By simply using the powerful natural properties of air and water, VeroBlue™ creates an incredibly pure and consistent aquaculture environment in which to raise our fish. We are committed to stewardship of our fish and to provide unparalleled care not only to our fish, but also to our surrounding environment. Because of this commitment and dedication, VeroBlue Farms can provide the best seafood-eating experience to its customers.

How Air, Water and Care Create Fish With Amazing Taste and Texture


VeroBlue Farms proprietary recirculation nature of our tank system is the key.

Our controlled-environment, indoor, land-based recirculation tanks create a natural purifying current that mimics a natural environment to keep our fish active, healthy and eventually better tasting. The flexibility of a fully contained and controlled environment to grow fish allows us to be located farther from open water sources and closer to metropolitan areas to minimize our freight charges. This makes our carbon footprint significantly less than other protein-production systems as well.


While many businesses talk sustainability, at VeroBlue Farms it is our passion and driving force.

VeroBlue™’s proprietary aquaculture system puts no stress on the world’s water supply because of our unprecedented 96% water recovery rate. We don’t believe in overfishing natural habitats or disrupting oceans or rivers with water-based farms. Our water is pure, drawn from local wells and captured rainwater from our facilities’ roofs. As the water is used in our process, we constantly filter it, and return it, nutrient-rich, back to the farms.


Our proprietary aquaculture system affords us with the ability to provide the utmost care to our animals, the environment and the community.

We also care about the voices of today’s consumers who demand more sustainability from the products they buy, as well as wanting products grown in America. With total control of our self-contained growing environment, we can implement strict safety and sanitation standards to supply customers with a healthy and reliable supply of fish.