A Good Fish Tells a Great Story

Not only have our fish been specially selected to meet a strict list of criteria to enable them to flourish in aquaculture, they also happen to be very interesting species with fascinating background stories. We hope you enjoy this insightful look at the fish of VeroBlue Farms!

“As a farmed species, the barramundi is just about perfect.

VeroBlue Barramundi America’s Sea BassTM

— Time Magazine, 7/7/2011

With origins in the Indo-Pacific waters of Australia, the barramundi gets its name from the indigenous Aboriginal phrase for “large-scaled river fish.” Throughout Australia and SE Asia, it is consumers’ #1 choice for its amazing taste and versatility.

In the wild, barramundi feed on a variety of different simple foods, are hearty and already leave a low environmental impact. This makes them a perfect a choice for our aquaculture system. They can be raised efficiently and incredibly sustainably under the right conditions.

Another thing that sets barramundi apart is their clean, buttery and slightly sweet flavor, with minimal “fishy taste.” Plus, they’re packed with protein and are heart healthy because they’re packed with Omega-3s.

And because they’re raised in a self-contained environment, our barramundi have no impact on the world’s oceans. They possess all the benefits without the negatives of fish from the oceans, such as mercury, PCBs, dioxins and other contaminants.

A Good Fish Has Friends

Check back with this site often. We will soon be adding other species grown in our aquaculture system. For more information on the future members of our fish family, call 1-844-VeroBlue (844-837-6258)