A Good Fish Begins With Imagination

It all started with a vision: VeroBlue™ created an innovative aquaculture system that was favorable to fish and the environment and was based in America’s heartland. VeroBlue™ successfully developed a proprietary leading-edge aquaculture process utilizing the natural elements of air, water and care. We then determined that several premium species of fish could be grown successfully in our system, Thus, VeroBlue Farms commenced and continues to offer the most wholesome eating experience to fish lovers worldwide.

A Good Fish Is Raised Innovatively

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Our Beam Building is home to VeroBlue Farms processing, laboratories and technology research.

Currently under expansion, our Fingerling Nursery will soon utilize state-of-the-art industry technology to support the Urban Farm.


Measuring in at a massive 270,000 sq. feet, our Urban Farm is the largest indoor aquafarm facility in North America.

A Good Fish Respects the Environment

Today, the world’s oceans are suffering. Because of overfishing, they are being stripped of their biodiversity and quickly losing their importance as a nourishing resource for humans. At VeroBlue Farms, we are compelled to be a land-based aquaculture participant in reversing this unfortunate trend. We firmly believe that our land-based aquaculture system can assist in directly addressing the growing concerns for our oceans while supplying the world with a high-quality source of sustainable protein. Because of this commitment, we have been recognized for our business model with a top rating and certification from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and from FishWise.